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How Do You Write a Picture Book?

Recently, a friend  asked me to read a script for a picture book and it got me thinking about what I’d learned about picture books since writing my own (plus reading about 40 a week to my toddlers over the past few years). So here’s 6 facts and 10 techniques to get you started… FACTS 1. Picture […]

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Pro-tip: Picture Book Dialogue

Picture books are meant to be read out loud by parents, caregivers, and librarians to kids. The readers who really make your book come alive and connect with kids, are the ones that get into it. They often use different voices for different characters. So it’s in your best interest to give them an easy […]

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Webcomics Tutorial – 10 Lessons For Better Colouring

This how-to-colour-comics tutorial is geared towards webcomics but applies to regular comics as well. I’m not going to teach you the ins-and-outs of a particular art program. Instead, you will learn 10 important things to consider whether you colour with Photoshop or a paintbrush. These lessons will keep your comic storytelling clear and dynamic. If […]

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