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Batman’s Greatest Power Is His Mysterious Teen Years

Everyone knows that Ma and Pa Kent raised Ka-El after he lost his parents in the destruction of Krypton. But who raised Bruce Wayne after his parents were killed? It took decades for DC to decide on the canon. Beyond comics, the general public has seen multiple Batman movies, TV shows, cartoons, video games, but the […]

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How Do You Write a Picture Book?

Recently, a friend  asked me to read a script for a picture book and it got me thinking about what I’d learned about picture books since writing my own (plus reading about 40 a week to my toddlers over the past few years). So here’s 6 facts and 10 techniques to get you started… FACTS 1. Picture […]

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Pro-tip: Picture Book Dialogue

Picture books are meant to be read out loud by parents, caregivers, and librarians to kids. The readers who really make your book come alive and connect with kids, are the ones that get into it. They often use different voices for different characters. So it’s in your best interest to give them an easy […]

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Barbie is not an Unrealistic Enough Role Model

I’ve heard a lot of people complain that Barbie is an unrealistic role model for girls, but I think maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe she’s not real enough. Not too long ago, the crowd-funded Lammily doll got a standing ovation because she was a doll based on the proportions of the average 19-year old, using […]

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The Warped Lessons I Learned from Cartoons

Some of what I learned from cartoons is dumb but it didn’t really change my life, like how I used to think invisible meant “had a white outline”. Or that so-called “secret doors” were activated by bricks that are clearly a different colours from the rest of the wall. But some of what I’ve learned […]

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Too Many Old Men Toys

In a recent interview with Shane Black, he said Marvel corporate didn’t want his Iron Man 3 villain to be female. They wanted a male villain because they thought that would sell more toys. It’s been pointed out that there pretty much are no Aldrich Killian toys, so it’s not like female Allison Killian would have […]

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The Power of Genres

THE STRUCTURE OF GENRE PLOTS Genre stories are about power. Or at least, that’s one way to look at their plots. Each genre has a typical way of discussing power. Not every story follows these guidelines, and sub-genres switch things up, but this can be a useful way to start thinking about the broad tropes […]

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Post-Apocalypse Now!?

POST-APOCALYPSE IS THE NEW CRUSOE If you were stranded on a desert island, what sci fi genre would you take with you? With a surge in video games, movies, comics, and novels, it might be post-apocalyptic. But, most people haven’t realized that the post-apocalypse is just the deserted island castaway story all over again. In […]

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